Unlikely is a technology partner building bespoke online shopping and marketing experiences for modern brands.

We combine cutting-edge technologies with great design to deliver apps that are fast, simple and good-looking.

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We were born from this one simple idea that technology doesn't have to be a pain.

We listen to your ideas and turn them into projects* that will work for you, rather than against.

  • E-commerces

  • MVP & POC

  • Corporate & marketing

  • Showcases

  • Landing pages

  • Offline installations

We believe tech should be at the center stage of any digital project and have full weight in any valuable business driven decision-making.

We work with renowned international brands as well as smaller local upcoming brands we believe in, providing a sur-mesure approach that helps you innovate and focus on the bigger-picture while we take care of the details.

Partners & Experts

We are certified partners with powerful services that we believe can make a world of difference in your upcoming project.

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